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City Fresh works with a wide range of clientele: municipalities, corporates, and agricultural pack houses,

to safely harness waste, create employment opportunities

and reduce environmental pollution.

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We conduct frequent audit exercises aimed at building real time data around the quantity and composition of waste generated. This information helps clients to examine the effectiveness of their existing waste management strategies.

Our experts work with clients throughout this process to help them redesign strategies that reduce waste produced, while providing accountability checks for their operations.

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Our experts work with clients at every step of the way – providing regular training on best waste management practices and creating a culture of conscious waste disposal. Critical areas of training offered include:

  • Waste separation at source for efficient reuse and safe disposal.

  • Implementation of safe waste handling and management processes that ultimately reduce the amount of waste generated.

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Recycling is at the heart of our operations. We treat and recycle 100% of the organic waste collected and further support our clients to safely dispose of inorganic waste such as plastics, cartons, aluminum cans, paper, metal cans and particular polythene paper.

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As an incentive to encourage zero waste, we issue our clients with recycling certificates, which document repurposing. This not only encourages safe waste management practices, but also reinforces compliance per the laws of Kenya stipulated in the Waste Management Bill.

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